My First Fishing Tourney And...

Couple weeks ago, I participated in my very first ACNL fishing tournament, and won with a 216.5" oarfish! I was shocked by its size! Has anyone caught an oarfish bigger than 216.5"? I'm wondering how big they can get! Are there any other fish that are ever larger than an oarfish???

I basically just came to brag about my catch, hahahahah!
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[personal profile] faye2013-06-12 10:40 am
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Hi everyone, I'm still sorta here kinda. Other things have taken over my life so Dreamwidth has took a back burner.

I'm hoping with the release of New Leaf this community will start to see some more activity! I've changed the layout to one that's more accessible but still suits the theme of Animal Crossing. The last one was just hard to process I think.

Well, continue on! :)
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[personal profile] feicui2013-06-11 07:26 pm

It's out!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has/will come out all over the place this week. How are we finding it?
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[personal profile] nan2012-11-29 08:47 pm

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

So who else is ridiculously excited for Animal Crossing: New Leaf?! I know we don't have a release date yet but it's suppose to be early 2013 and I can't wait! I'm prepared to add everyone to my friends list. :3
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Looking for fruit.

I just found my copy of Animal Crossing: Wild World. Haven't played in years, but I set up my town yesterday and got online.

My town has oranges - is anyone willing to let me come to their town and pick some different fruit? I don't have much to offer in return, but I can bring you oranges, and if you want to visit mine today I have Crazy Redd in town.

(Posted at 08:40 GMT - I'll be around for a while, but happy to make arrangements for later too.)
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[personal profile] cuteness2010-05-13 04:51 pm

AC wild world

Hey all! I don't often have my DS hooked up to the internet but I do this weekend and I would like to wi-fi with some people :-)

I am nechama in mysttown. My friend code is 2578-5817-1691.

Would love to have new animal crossing friends!
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(no subject)

Okay! so this community has technically been open for awhile but everything is set up now.

Feel free to post your Friend Codes and such. It also helps to post your town and character name as well as which version of the game you're playing (Wild World/City Folk).

I don't mind this layout but it looks a bit out of place for Animal Crossing I think, I'll change it when I have some time later.

Enjoy your stay! :D
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Comment here if you wish to affiliate. It doesn't have to be a specific Animal Crossing Community to be affiliated!