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Name:Animal Crossing Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For fans of all Animal Crossing Games

ANIMAL CROSSING: Dreamwidth Community

Welcome to the Animal Crossing community of Dreamwidth. This is the community for you to post your Friend codes, discuss your towns, let people know when your town is open or closed and to make trades with other players.

1. Please respect members, do not start drama, it won't be tolerated.
2. Do not disrespect other peoples' towns, if you do you will be banned from the community.
3. When you make a post about opening your town, please edit it later when your gates are closed.
4. Do not disable/screen commenting on your post. Your post will be deleted if you do so as there's no reason to do it.
4. If someone leaves a rude comment on your post do not delete it, inform a mod so we can deal with it.
5. Please do not advertise your communities here, if you wish to affiliate please contact a mod.
6. The mods are not responsible for bad trades that go on in this community, though bad traders will be banned.
7. Only Animal Crossing Trade/Sales, no sales which involve real money/tangible items please.
8. Have fun, after all, that's what Animal Crossing is about!

Rosalyn :: [personal profile] faye


Comment here or PM [personal profile] faye if you wish to affiliate!

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